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Never mind the Spring Clean let's get the September Blitzzzz

The trees are about to show us how beautiful they are in their autumn transformation, then stand naked for a couple of months before they bloom again. So what do we do, let me tell you, we too should transform out homes with a little autumn make over before our hibernation indoors ..

As soon as the air starts to get a little crisp I start to tackle the house for winter.

Have your heating system serviced, there is nothing worse in the world than having no heat in the middle of winter. Save yourself the headache, do it as soon as you can.

Make Life easier for yourself this winter.

Get out the winter duvets, I love the summer but there's something very reassuring about a warm cosy bed dressed with a couple of throws for winter.

Make your bedroom cosy and inviting.

Declutter wardrobes of all summer clothes and shoes. Ikea have a great collection of storage solutions for everybody. Affordable and stackable. Also check out Amazon they have great selections of storage boxes too. A tidy space is a happy space.

Pack away everything you're not using in boxes

Rugs, if you have hardwood floors this is the time to put down some rugs. You can change the whole colour scheme of a room with a winter rug, as so many of us now use neutral colours schemes in out homes. Even if you have fitted carpet you can layer winter rugs on top. Rugs add both texture and colour to a room.

Add texture and colour to your winter rooms

That's it for today..

Hope this inspired you a little..

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