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Living Room on Lockdown

Living rooms

So, during this lockdown we are spending a considerable amount of time at home. We are also spending a lot of time in our Living rooms. What’s to be done when there’s so much you’d like to do but you can’t shop, expect online and even that’s limited.

Let me talk you through what you can do to make a difference in your ‘Lockdown Living Room’

Let’s start by cleaning, vacuum floors, pull out sofas and chairs, you’ll be amazed at the amount of dust and lost coins you’ll find under there. Take cushions off sofas and chairs and puff them up, then grab your faithful vacuum cleaner and run it over the bases of the sofa and chairs. Also vacuum all the cobwebs from the ceilings and little hiding places where they lurk.

You can try out some furniture repositioning as it were. If your furniture is up against the walls move it away from the walls, moving furniture is not permanent so play with it a little. You’ll be surprised how different a room can be with a little re arranging.

Have a look around your house, move some accessories from one room to another, just try it out, see how it feels.

Already it feels better, but let’s spruce it up as best we can, so what can we add to brighten up our living rooms, we can add scented candles, the supermarkets are socked with them.

We can add some fresh flowers, again the supermarkets are still stocked with flowers. You can pop flowers into anything like jugs or old ceramic containers, whatever is to hand.

You can also arrange a couple of containers with fresh flowers on your coffee table or on a tray on your ottoman. You could have a collection of various types, colours and sizes of flowers.

If you feel you’d like to add some pictures or art work to your walls, If you have something you’ve been meaning to hang, well now’s the time, you can buy some frames online, or try Etsy, you can order prints and even artwork on there. Some Etsy suppliers will even offer to send them framed.

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