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5 Tips Easy on Updating your kitchen

  1. Change your doors, if your kitchen layout works well for you why change it, just change out the doors. Your local kitchen supplier will have a selection of door and drawer fronts, in a variety of sizes and styles. It's very easy to change doors, they simply clip into place. You can if you wish change the entire look of your kitchen doing just this. However just to add some interest add different colour base cupboards to the upper ones.

2. Change the the hardware, door knobs drawer knobs, again mix and match it adds interest..

3. Paint a wall, you don't have to paint all your walls just one will do, you'll be amazed at the difference it'll make

4. Mix and match your metals, there are no rules that say everything in your kitchen should be chrome, brass or nickel, mix the them together. Just make sure each addition is a thoughtful addition to the space. You can do this with your kitchen accessories.

5. Add greenery, I do know not everyone can keep a plant alive, I fall into this category, however for an instant lift to any kitchen just add flowers, I do it all the time.

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