Let's get Organised

So it's new year.. it's that time of year where everyone will at least make an attempt to rectify something about their life that they feel needs to change. Like eating well or deciding to get fit.

So I'm thinking it's time to get a little organised, a little organisation a day can go a long way.

1 First thing every morning, make the bed. It only takes seconds and looks so much better, the whole bedroom looks tidier.

2 Empty the dishwasher every evening before you go to bed. I know there are times when you couldn't be bothered, you're just too tired, but trust me a couple of minutes in the evening will not only save you time in the morning but guatentee a clean coffee mug.

3 Laundry, do at least one load of washing every day. When it's dry fold it, to avoid ironing and it. It may sound obvious but doing one a day will save you having to do several on one day, which let's face it is a tideous task.

4 Bathrooms, wipe down your sink and mirror every day. It'll take just minutes, but if you let the grime build up it'll take an age to clean. After your finished showering and getting ready just put everything away and your bathroom will be clean tidy and ready all the time.

5 Clean as you cook. I learned this a long time ago. It's so easy to do. As you're finished with pots and spoons pop them into the dishwasher. It's quick and easy and it'll become second nature to you.


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