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5 Bedroom Basics

My work brings me into peoples bedrooms, actually my job is quite a personal one as people let me into their homes and trust me to design their homes.

As bedrooms are the topic of the day let me give you some basic rules for decorating your bedroom. As always, I know I'm repeating myself but, function is key. Bedrooms need to be relaxing rooms. they need to encourage rest and relaxation.

1. Buy the best bed you can afford. If you're not changing your bed I suggest you buy a topper for your mattress, it'll give your bed a new lease of life and it'll feel like a new bed.

2. Storage. Make the most of your wardrobe space. make sure that inside your wardrobes you've got extra storage. Ikea do a great range of storage ideas. Also if you have space under your bed use it to store.

3. Lighting. Always have bedside lamps. As well as providing essential light, they can also create an ambiance, a relaxing feeling.

4. Bedside tables. Now contrary to popular belief bedside tables don't have to match. People seem to think they do. They don't, but they do have to be complimentary. By that I mean, they need to be the same size and similar colour but do not have to be exactly the same.

5. Bedlinen. I always use white in my home. I also use white in my clients homes, however not everyone likes white, so I will always use plain bedlinen. Then dress it up with throes and coloured pillows. trying to match up curtains, carpets and bedlinen can be difficult so it's so much easier to use only a plain colour and dress your bed up from there.

Hope this helps.


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