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Make the most of small Kitchens

Small kitchens are very common particularly in urban areas, where space is at a premium. But the simple truth is that small kitchens can be beautiful and practical. Design is in the detail, a kitchen should be regardless of size be tailored to suit your needs and tastes.

It doesn't matter what size your space, you can have a modern sleek kitchen or if you prefer a more tradition kitchen you can make that work too.

If I'm designing a small space I like to use light colours, it brings an air of space to a kitchen. It also goes without saying that a small kitchen should be clutter free. If your countertops are full of gadgets and crockery it'll simply make your space look much smaller. You can use colour of course just be careful it's not overpowering.

Here are some photos that should give you some ideas. If you have any questions, just pop me a note.


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