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5 Hall Updates

Halls, the first impression people have of our homes, so lets's make it a good one. The problem with halls is they tend to quite small and narrow. But that should not deter you from making a statement at all.

1. Reduce clutter. Don't have any clutter in the hallway at all. If you do need to store umbrellas or coats make sure you have storage for them.

2. If you have a narrow hall paint it a bright colour. It will make it appear larger than it actually is.

3. If you have a dado rail and your hall is small paint it the same colour top and bottom.

4 If you have a dado rail and you have a larger hall paint the bottom half a darker colour. It doesn't have to be drastic it can just be a few shades darker than the upper colour.

5. Put furniture in your hall. Even if it's just a shelf with a bowl for your keys or pictures please don't leave it blank. If you have a runner, make it bright. You have a personality, now show it to the world.


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