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Halloween Bank Holiday

The thing is when my boys were younger I'd spend hours decorating the house. I'd spend hours on pumpkins, not just one oh no not me. I've been know to create whole villages out of pumpkins. I loved every minute of it.

Unfortunately for me my boys have long outgrown Halloween, They won't even be in the house this year. but that's not to say I won't be celebrating, I've got several kilos of sweets and chocolate here ready for the kids to call. I'll do some decorating but not so much.

Bank holiday weekends are, in this house anyway, a time when we do house maintenance, yes it's true. it's the same with most families. So this week as well as sharing some of my Halloween pictures with you I'm also giving you a free download of 'How to be you're own Interior Designer' in an effort to make your bank holiday maintenance a tad more interesting.

Have a great Halloween ya'll

Enjoy Halloween


Don't forget to download your free e book. If you have a problem let me know and I'll mail it onto you.

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