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Old Hollywood Glamour

For those of you who read this blog every week you'll know that I say regularly that good design lasts. Or my second favourite is that 'I design for the long haul' which put simply means that I'm not trend driven, I don't spend a massive amount of money on what's in vogue only to redecorate in a couple of years because trends have changes.

I am one of those women who on weekends love to watch old films, but unlike most people I'm watching the sets that were designed '30's '40's '50's and I'm always amazed that they are still relevant today. Good design lasts.

Movie stars of old Hollywood also had some pretty well designed homes. It seems that some stars used set designers to design their homes too. Occasionally stars would agree to have their homes feature in some Home Magazines, just to tease the public.

Today I'm sharing with you some old Hollywood Stars and their Hollywood homes.

Joan Collins 1956. Side tables and lamps which are still 'on trend' today. Vinyl which has also made a comeback. But between you and me I'm in love with the shoes.

Marlene Dietrich 1935. Glamour in Art Décor. This too would look glamorous today.

Marilyn Monroe 1952. Silk bedding is a chic bedfellow to other textured pieces like wool throws, sheepskin blankets and tweed.

Clark Gable 1932. You'd go a long way to beat a comfy sofa.

Kirk and Michael Douglas 1947. Textured throws in bright colours are great idea to brighten up any sofa. Today similar available in Ikea.

Joan Fontaine 1953. I'm drawn to the dark wall colour and the panelling, it's timeless. I use panelling a lot in work.

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