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September Calling

So September is all but upon us. Children have headed back to school and college and just for a short time we have some alone time. I used to dread them going back to school but after a few days of school I appreciated the fact I could sit in a coffee shop alone.

September for me is a time to tidy up, paint some walls and for some unknown reason buy new bedlinen and towels. Every year it's the same routine, and I love it.

As I design more bathrooms than anything else I feel come September it's time to spend some time pampering oneself in your very own spa. Splash out on some new towels and bathmats, all of which are necessary but also can add colour to your bathroom.

So today I'm sharing with you some bathrooms old and new which might give you some inspiration for your own bathroom.

Relax, here comes September..

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