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Casual Irish Style

Normally when I work with a client I ask them about their preferences for colour and style. People tend to know what they want but just can't execute their ideas, which is where I come in. Designing a space that will both function and will be to my clients taste.

Recently I started work with a client from Asia. So I googled 'Interior Design Trends' in Asia. I spent hours trawling through sites in the hope I might be familiar with current trends.

What an absolute waste of my time. Meeting my client for the first time she asked me to decorate her new home 'Irish Style'. I must confess I was taken aback, style and taste are subjective to an individual, and it's my job to extract that taste form a client. But never before in all the years I've been doing this have I been asked for Irish style. French, all the time.

So here's my take on Casual Irish Style. Do tell me what you think.

Hope she likes this Irish Style..


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