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5 Hacks to Creating more Space

Well now, that's not quite true, you can't create more space unless you extend or break down walls. But I am going to show you how to create the illusion of space.

Small spaces can actually be fabulous as well as functional. I could tell you the obvious which is simply to tidy up or declutter. That goes without saying, once all the clutter is gone you'd be amazed how much space you actually have in a room.

1. Use lighter colours to brighten up the space. I would use tonal colours to separate sections of a room or if you wish you could use a contrasting colour in a feature r add interest.

2. Lighting no matter how big or small your room is lighting is essential.However in small spaces I suggest that if you can use reflective shades like the pendant lights here in this kitchen.

3. Mirrors. Yes everyone will tell you to use mirrors in a smaller space, and it's true mirrors can double the size of any room.

4. Open shelving, but only of you can keep tidy. If you go down this route I would suggest you bring the shelving as high as the ceiling.

5. Don't use heavy curtains in a small space. Use either blinds or voile both will give you privacy and light.

Hope this gives you some ideas on smaller spaces.


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