Tips for small Bathrooms

The truth is most of us have small bathrooms it's a fact of modern day living. But just because a bathroom is small doesn't mean it has to be boring or lack impact. As I've said many times the space has to work for you and your family so if you're redesigning your bathroom from scratch listen up.

If you shop for your bathroom goods at a bathroom supplier, which I suggest you do, you'd be fooled into thinking that all bathrooms are very large. The display units are always bigger than most of the bathrooms I've designed. But the truth is they're just there to give you a look at the goods available to you.

Again all bathroom goods come in various sizes so be sure to measure up before you go shopping.

If you want a bath and a shower simply pop your shower over your bath. If you can use a glass screen or clear shower curtain, it will avoid that cluttered loom you get with patterned shower screens or curtains.

Please use a narrow sink in cloakrooms but do try to keep it consistent with the cloakroom design.

Double duty towel storage rack doubles as a towel heater.