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The Beauty of grey Living Rooms

As I've said before grey is my go to colour for a lot of my projects. It's a neutral colour that I first saw in Finland a number of years ago. When I mention grey to clients their firs question is about grey being a dark cold colour. The second question is usually about every home having grey.

Well let me address the first assumption that grey is dark and cold, firstly every other colour in the spectrum has various shades, including grey. Scandinavian winters tend to be very long, very dark and very cold, so why do they use so much grey in their homes, because not all greys are cold. Scandinavians also use other colours in their interior design, like feature walls or brightly coloured furniture.

No not every home does have grey, trust me I've decorated numerous homes at this stage in my career and maybe a quarter of them have been grey.

So today I'm going to share with you some pretty amazing grey living rooms. You'll notice in all the rooms a splash of colour has been added.

Enjoy people..


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