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Tricks to Making a Galley Kitchen Work

In this day and age space is scarce and expensive in cities. Architects and builders try to accommodate people in smaller spaces and as a result they have to be imaginative in how they do it. I've worked on sites where large houses have been turned into apartments and the truth is that a lot of the time kitchens are jammed into smaller spaces, however that doesn't mean they can't be functional and reflect the owners personality.

So today I'm going to show you some pretty small galley kitchens and just how to make them work and in one case very glamorous.

The key to small kitchen space is to provide as much counter top space as possible and reduce clutter, easier said than done I know but have a look at these examples and you'll see just how amazing a galley kitchen can be.

This is an example of a small galley kitchen, it's got everything you need including a full size fridge/freezer and a 400mm dishwasher which is integrated.

Open storage gives this galley kitchen a spacious feel. While cupboards that go to the ceiling gives this kitchen maximum storage space.

So if you want glamour in a galley kitchen you can have that too. A larder unit here provides storage space as well as glass door cupboards. A pair of chandlers give it the 'glamour' factor.

This galley kitchen is particularly narrow, however the clean lines of the kitchen units as well as the reflective surfaces make it appear larger than it actually is.

This is a great example of a galley kitchen where the kitchen cupboards are a mixture of wood and melamine which adds interest.

Hope these gave you some ideas.


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