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Mistakes People Make When Decorating Their own Homes

I'm usually employed by people who are time poor or simply have no idea what tom do with their space to make it function and appealing.

Then there are the other set of people who 'Design or decorate' for themselves but don't always get it right. so today I'm sharing with you some mistakes people make when re-designing their homes.

1. Matching all your furniture. So it's a good idea to have a look at some showroom displays and get an idea or two from them. We've all been to Laura Ashley or Pottery Barn and though that at least one of their displays would look good in your home, after all they have been put together by a professional. The displays have been put together to sell a product and not specifically for you or your home. You need to make your home yours. So please take an idea or two but don't copy directly otherwise it'll look all 'matchy' and not you.

2. Rugs. people sometimes buy rugs that are too small or lay them the wrong way, but mostly people buy rugs that are too small. Rugs as we've said before can anchor a room and give it a new dimension as well as adding colour. If you decide to fit a rug in a living room please make sure it reaches all of your furniture. If the rug is too small it also makes your room look smaller and cluttered.



3. Open Storage. Open Storage is fine if you're a tidy person, but let's be honest not many of us are. Open shelving in kitchens can actually make the space appear bigger, But only if it's free from clutter. Also remember in bedrooms a lot of beside cabinets have open storage, now you must consider what you're going to put here because that becomes your design, your room. Make sure if you do have open storage that you pay attention to the objects you place here, ensure that they are not a chaotic mess but a well coordinated mix if items that you love.

Kitchen open storage.

Bedroom open storage.

There ya go, hope this was of some help to you all..

If you have any questions just pop a note on the website and I'll get back to you.


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