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There's Something about Neutral

It's true there is something about neutral, sometimes neutral is described as 'non colour' simply because neutral colours tended to be beige, ivory or taupe. I may disagree to a point with that statement, let's put it this way, neutral is like really good under ware, it's a colour that holds a scheme together.

Grey is a colour that has been used rather a lot over the years, and I love it. I have used and will continue to use it, for me as well as being neutral is also enhances other colours that are paired with it. The Scandinavians use grey all the time, they like to pare it with navy blue or orange. It's true, and it does seem to work for them.

Not everyone is quite that brave and some people like to stick to neutral for the entire scheme, so today I'm going to show you just how well an all neutral room can look.


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