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Old meets New in Notting Hill

I'm always checking out other peoples homes, seriously I'm not someone you should invite around for dinner. It sounds like I'm always working, I love what I do and that includes being nosey.

I love it when people are adventurous and do something a little different. It's great when people combine old and new, after all we can't all afford to throw away everything and start from scratch, or if you're like me it's difficult to throw things away especially if I'd had them for a long time. I seem to attach myself to things and the memories they bring back.

On the flip side I've got about 10kilos of Lego which my adult sons refuse to get rid of, they may take after me.

So today I found this on line and I wanted to share it with you. In my opinion they've done a wonderful job on this house in Notting Hill mixing their old furniture with new. It's effortlessly chic.

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