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Window Boxes

I love flowers, I love having them in my home and I love seeing them in the garden. What I don't love is actually tending the garden and all that weeding and mowing grass, that is something I don't enjoy.

My solution is Window Boxes. It's easy enough to put a window box together, and if it's something you'd rather not do then you can buy them already made up. The one tip I would give you is to make sure to feed your window boxes. I use tomato food, it's wonderful it gives lots of blooms.

I love the way trailing lobelia or trailing petunias tumble out of window boxes and add colour to any home. I also love how some sculpted box plants in window boxes can make a home look posh. There I said it, I said posh. That's probably why I don't have any Box plants in mine, I prefer them to look free and colourful, untidy almost.

Sometimes you don't have to plant up Window Boxes you just pop your potted plants into a Box, it can look just as good.



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