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Tricks for Styling your Coffee Table

Yes indeed you read that right, styling your coffee table. Design is in the detail, I've said it before and I'll say it again, Design is in the detail. If you've spent time designing every detail of your room why would you not spend time designing your coffee table.

This is where you can stamp some of your own style and individuality on your room. By placing some of the things you love on there they are on display for all to see.

I love coffee table books, Big books with lots of pictures, obviously nothing too taxing just something you can flick through. Books that you can stack and make an impact. Add some scented candle and flowers and it makes quite a personal statement.

I am forever picking stuff up on my travels so I change mine rather a lot. I add trays to pop my coffee mug on or just layer up some trinkets I've collected. It all adds up to make a design statement about you.

Here are some examples, don't overcrowd your coffee table let each piece peak for itself.

There we go my lovelies.. coffee table in all their glory.


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