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5 Mini Garden Updates

So it's here, the sun is shining, but knowing Ireland it will stop shining in twenty minutes. To make the most of our brief summer so far here are a couple of updates that will only take a few minutes but should make a bit of an impact. Let's add some colour and life to our gardens.

Clean Patio Furniture .. add some clean or new cushions.

Add a some potted plants, you can buy these already made up then just pop them on your patio.

Add a bird bath. This will bring life into your garden. You don't have to buy anything fancy, as long as it holds water birds will come.

Bird Feeders will attract all sorts of birds into your garden. They can be quite simple or elaborate again birds don't care as long as there is food.

Herb Garden. You don't have to spend hours digging out a herb garden. Herbs can be picked up already in pots from the supermarket. How you display them is up to you.

Hope this helps. Enjoy the sunshine everyone.


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