5 Elements of a well designed room

One of the side effects of my job is that I tend to read peoples rooms. I can and I do assess a room at first glance. There are of course design rules that I follow with every client. But a big part of my job is to ensure that my clients personality will be stamped on the room.

In my experience as long as the following five rules are followed the resulting room will be a well designed and functional room.

Proper scale. You have no idea how many times I'll arrive on site to find and enormous sofa and time coffee table with a postage stamp size rug.

My Tip .. Measure everything before you put it in the room. Then draw it up, I've already given you an easy way to draw up a room. Lastly a birds eye view of the room as daft as it sounds get as high as you can to look down on the room. I often stand on chairs or ladders to check over a room before I finish designing.