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7 Tips to get the Designer look without the Designer price tag.

Over the years I've had clients who use the word 'designer' rather a lot. The truth is I'm employed by people who are time poor and need some help or people who want to get their homes right the first time rather than having to redesign or redecorate.

I have in the past spent rather a lot of money on designer goods which are always of good quality. While it's fine to spend money on the best you can afford not everyone can afford the best designer home accessories.

Well maybe just maybe then can afford more than they thought.

Let's have a look at some of the things we can do to get that designer look minus the designer price.

1. Buy secondhand. I use an upholsterer and he always has something in his warehouse, just find something you like and have it reupholstered. Also paint some old furniture like this end table.

2. Shabby Chic has always been popular. You don't have to repaint just admire the life that your furniture has lived.

3. Showrooms often sell off 'showroom sets' now you can get some great value here. You can buy a room complete, just ask the sales assistant when they are changing their displays. Remember to check for any signs of ware and tear.

4.Not everything has to match, use your imagination call it designer.

5.Always use white linen then dress it up or layer it. I shop in in TKMaxx for designer linens also hit the sales in Arnotts there is always great deals to be had. Or check out M&S they've got a great selection, quality and well priced.

6. I spend a lot of money on framing for clients. Usually for expensive pieces. If you're looking for frames and mountings Ikea is the place to go. They look just as impressive as hand mounted and framed.

7. Mirrors as you know I love a mirror, not so much for gazing into more doubling the size of a room. A great place to get unusual mirrors is TKMaxx. They always have a great variety at half the cost of anywhere else.

There we go people just a few ideas to keep you going.. feel free to share..


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