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The Joys of Wallpaper

Wallpaper had fallen out of favour in recent years. It had been popular for a number of years simply because it gave a sense of opulence to rooms. And people who could afford it would indulge their tastes with colourful wallcoverings.

However recently wallpaper is back in fashion, with a modern take on it of course. You can still buy the traditional wall paper which can of course change the mood in any room or simply by using wallpaper as an accent or feature wall. But today wallpaper can take you on a journey depending on how brave you actually are.

A bright and colourful addition to a room.

The feature wall, just to take the blandness out of a very white room

Just for the brave, a feature wall that takes you somewhere else.

Adding texture to your wall without actually adding texture.

A decal can give the wallpaper effect.

Finally the standard bedroom wallpaper. It does give the room another dimension.

There ya go my lovelies, wallpaper, just something to think about.


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