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6 Tips for small space living

With property being rare and expensive in most cities these days most of us are left with little option but to live in a smaller space than we'd anticipated. However it's not all doom and gloom I promise you.

There are some obvious rules you'll need to follow when moving into a smaller space.

You'll need to declutter. A small space will force you to evaluate what you really need.

Small spaces will force you to be tidy, not a bad thing actually. You'll also optimise your storage space.

Just a few examples here of how to decorate a small space just to show you beautiful small spaces can be.

Bright walls and cupboards, ensure your cupboards go as high as possible, it's all about storage.

If you have the head room, go up.

I know I keep saying it but use mirrors everywhere.

Every home has some corner space, use it.

Wall mounted TVs

Use large bright tiles and glass in the bathroom it'll give the illusion of space

Hope this helped..


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