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5 ways to Decorate with Accessories

At the risk of repeating myself, I've been told I tend to, I'm going to talk about how accessories can change the look of any room and how to add your own personality to your room.

Neutral is King, it really is, it's the backdrop to any room. A room can be brought from winter to spring by changing cushions and rugs. By adding mirrors of some artwork the entire atmosphere of a room can be changed.

Add a stool to your room. Not only is it decorative it's also useful.

Add a rug, it'll bring a new dimension to the room.

Pile on the cushions, different colours for different seasons.

Add some artwork. Not all artwork has to be expensive but you do have to like it.

Add a mirror possibly my favourite accessory.

There are lots we can do with accessories but I think we'll just start there for today..


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