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St Patricks Day

It seems that this time every year the world celebrates St Patrick. Ireland is flooded with tourists at this time of year all eager to celebrate the national saint.

When we were younger our grandmother would make us eat cabbage and corned beef. She would insist we'd wear green, she would always wear a large bunch of shamrock on her coat as she headed out to mass.

After mass we'd be dispatched into O'Connell Street to watch the parade which was populated with American Marching Bands. We'd marvel at their deftness. Be amused by their sudden realisation that Ireland was actually cold and grey as they marched on to the sound of their own tune.

As I grew up I always though of St Patricks Day as a bit touristy. I frequented the parade when my sons were younger, I felt an obligation to ensure they endure the same traditions as we had.

So I'm going to share with you some images of St Patricks Day including my sons at the Parade when they were younger, but please don't tell them.

Now be sure to wear some green tomorrow because we will be..

Happy St Patricks Day


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