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6 Ideas for Container Gardens

So it's finally here, Spring has sprung as it were. On my travels this morning I saw an array of spring flowers and some very enthuastic lawn mowing.

I'm a great fan of container gardening, it means I simply feed and water stand back and watch everything grow. I do enjoy using anything and everything to plant in. I've even been know to paint old bean cans just to put a plant into..

So today some ideas for your contain gardens..

Easy and simple Topiary. I don't grow these I buy them.

Easy and simple topiary

Some old buckets and cans. With as much colour as possible.

Ah some old tyres. Reuse and upcycle.

Even cabbage can look well in an old container.

The old reliable window box.

Staggering some pots is also very effective.

There we go my lovelies..


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