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5 bedroom Hacks

I spend rather a lot of time in my bedroom. I like to relax there and am often found there with a cup of coffee and an iPad. I find bedrooms one of the easiest to decorate.

Start with the basics a really good bed. Add a little luxury with pillows and bedlinen.

Sometimes we spend so much time in rooms we don't realise that they need a little update. But these are easy to do in a day or a weekend.

1 Change the lampshades. It'll make the lamps look newer and the make the room brighter

2 New bedlinen. I always buy white linen then dress it up to match my mood.

3 Fresh flowers and candles make a bedroom feel like an upmarket hotel room.

4 Pop up some mirrors behind your bedside lamps.

5 Cushions and throws can add new dimension to bedroom décor.

There ya go my lovelies change your bedroom in an afternoon.


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