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I've recently started some dance lessons. I've never danced in my life and the truth is I'm rhythmless. So encouraged by a friend the two of us embarked on a Burlesque dance class. The dance instructor, Aoibheann Cooke, a beautiful young woman encouraged us not to be shy, you need to love your own bodies. Tad difficult as we both stood in front of 2 metre high mirrors and looking back at us were two slightly mature ladies in jogging pants.

Aiobheann encouraged us and put us through our paces, there was of course some giggling and then she said it 'you need to be more like the French' of course she was right. The French have a style of their own, they own it, much like myself and my dance partner, we have our own dance style which Aiobheann assures us will be Burlesque by the end of the course.

So inspired by the very talented and extremely patient Aiobheann Cook I've decided that todays blog will be all about the French and their style..

French Garden Lunch

Simple Living room.

The French can see the beauty in anything old.

They always make black looks classy.

They can mix old and new effortlessly.

There ya go people I do hope this brings out the French in you.


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