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Basic Design Rules for your Living room.

Ah the living room, not quite the heart of the home but definitely the room I retire to when I'm unwinding after a long day. It's usually where I find the men in this house when there's any sporting event on television.

I always think of my home as my haven from the outside world, a place where I can be myself, relax and feel safe.

Like any room a living room needs to function for you and your family. But it's also a place for you to stamp your personality into it.

1. Furniture layout.

Measure your furniture, generally the main furniture pieces are directed towards a main focal

point. Making sure that the traffic pattern is open.

2.The Lighting. When you control the lighting you control the mood of the room.

You'll need mood lighting such as lamps and task lighting.

3. Texture. When adding cushions and throws mix and match, It's alright to mix patterns as long as you keep the background colours the same. Make sure all the patterns share the same basic colour. Vary the size of the pattern and the cushions.

The truth no matter what style you prefer all living rooms tend to follow the same structure.

Hope this was of some help to you all.

So here's something free for you, one of my short books on Design .


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