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Dining Chairs that will never go out of style

There are certain types of people who hire Interior Designers like myself, people who just don't have the time or inspiration, and those who want to transform their homes for the future.

As I've mentioned before, yes I do repeat myself, I like to design for the long haul. Have the basics that will last the test of time. So when new trends arrive all we have to do is add whatever on trend item we like.

So today I'm sharing with you some dining chairs that will last and not go out of fashion anytime soon.

Philippe Starch Ghost Chair. Love these.

For the more traditional among us try Mono Furniture. They'll make chairs to suit your personality.

Or this is you're feeling a little more traditional. Mono furniture.

Let's not forget these two. Timeless or as we like to say 'always on trend' Well I don't say it that often to be fair, but it's true.

They remind me of French café life.

Classic style. Venture Design Dublin

Mix and match. I must confess this is something I love to do.

Hope this has given you a little something to think about.


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