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5 Tips to keep your home tidy

I have a busy household, four adults, my sons play a lot of sports so between laundry and abandoned sports gear I find myself having to keep on top of chores. I hate the idea of the 'Big clean up so I clean and organise everyday. A little and often makes my life so much easier.

I do laundry every day. I used to be one of those women who ironed everything. Then I discovered that my sons like to decorate their bedroom floors with my lovingly ironed tee and jeans. So I put an end to that I no longer iron tee shirts or jeans. I do obviously iron, only what really needs ironing so I iron once a week and never leave anything until the following week.

1 Fold your laundry as soon as it's dry. Take your laundry out of the dryer or off your clothes lines and fold it straight away. Everything goes into my airing cupboard.

2 Pet hair there's nothing worse, if you've got your rubber gloves on just rub your gloved hand over the offending pet hair.

3 Vacuum as often as you can. I bought myself a handheld cleaner. The best thing ever, there's no big effort in getting out the vacuum cleaner and plugging it in and hauling it up and down the stairs. Just run it around regularly and everything stays clean with no major cleaning event.

4 Let's make your home smell nice. Citrus makes everything smell clean, it'd true. So what do you do with your orange or lemon peels (or even dead oranges) pop them in some water and simmer them on your stove and the smell will radiate through your home.

5 Soap scum on shower doors I hate having to clean them. Those dryer sheets that you took out of your dryer rub them on your shower doors and soap scum will just ease off. Also it makes it smell pleasant.

There we go people, as you can tell I like to take shortcuts, hope this was of some help to you.


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