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I sorta cheated.

I have a sweet tooth. I love to indulge at this time of year. Simply because all evidence is hidden beneath several layers. I occasionally throw caution to the wind and ignore calorie counts. It's allowed. There's time enough for salads and the like.

I rather like lemon and do bake with it, however I was in no mood for baking last evening but needed something a little sweet so raided cupboards. To my absolute delight I found some M&S meringues, the very place to start.


Whipped cream

Flaked almonds

Lemon Curd

I popped the almonds into the oven while I whipped some cream.

Leave in the oven just until they're golden brown.

Add a teaspoon or two on top of your meringue.

Top that off with whipped cream then sprinkle with your almonds.

Without doubt the quickest dessert I've ever made.

Try it for yourself.


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