Monday Musings

Mondays tend to get a bad rap I feel. Well as the last Monday in January it has, to be fair, lived up to it's reputation. It's dark and damp and I'm not particularly enjoying it. I'm sure the sun is shining somewhere in the world and I'd rather like to be there. But I'm here waiting on Spring to arrive with it's longer evenings and the arrival of daffodils and bluebells.

At this time of year most of us, yes including me take a longish look at our homes and make plans to update, declutter and just clean everything. I have now, and I have no idea how this happened, two adult sons who are still here with me and so is the carnage that is their bedrooms. No matter how many time I offer to have them redecorated they refuse. They occasionally tidy their rooms but as a mother I am terrified to venture into their private spaces, because I simple don't know or want to know what's in there. Fortunately for me I do get to check out other peoples rooms and design them too occasionally..

Who said you can't use blue in a girls room. Not me!

Neutral is always a good idea.

Old World.

I always use white bedlinen. I can be dressed up.

Small space big impact and storage.

Some inspiration I hope for you..


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