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Pro Tips: How to make your flowers last longer.

I love flowers, so much so that I buy them every week, sometimes twice a week but don't tell anyone. To be fair one might describe it as a bit of an obsession. Sometimes I'll have flowers all over the house in jugs and jars but sometimes I'll just have a single flower on my bedside table, but there's always flowers.

Over the years, I should qualify that as saying many years, I've picked up the odd trick to simply prolong the life of my flowers. It really doesn't matter what you pop them in flowers will always add life to a room.

In the winter months I tend to prefer arrangement of the same colour, reds or whites, but come summertime, I love all the colours that summer offers up.

Make sure you start with a clean vase filled with room temperature water.

Be sure to cut all the stems at a really sharp angle, more water will be absorbed that way.

Before you start arranging your flowers in your vase remove any lose foliage that may be below the waterline. Bacteria will start to form below the waterline and lessen the life of your flowers.

To arrange your flowers add your foliage and greenery first, just to create the shape you want. Then start introducing your blooms, start with the fullest blooms at the front and build from there.

After a couple of days add some fresh water. Just pop your arrangement in the sink turn on the tap and let the cold water flush out the stale water. This will fresh your blooms and keep them looking perky.

That's it for now my lovelies.

One of these days we'll do a blog on Flower arranging.


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