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Summer Crumble

I spend a lot of my time outside on building sites dressed from head to toe in builders thermal gear. It's a necessity actually, so too is hot coffee on a site, at least until spring has sprung.

Marching back to my car today after a site meeting, hugging my scarf and mumbling under my breath about the cold weather I spotted something I wasn't expecting, there in Centra, Irish Strawberries. These beautiful red fruits were shining out like a beacon. There were quite simply the most beautiful ruby red strawberries( and the bloody biggest ) I had seen in months. I'm assuming they've been grown in a tunnel as the only thing growing outside a tunnel this winter was my waistline.

So what to do.. It's still far too old for salads or fruits, it should be illegal to have salad before March, just saying.

Strawberry Crumble it was so. The bigger the strawberries the better for a crumble. So here we go my lovelies ..

Strawberry Crumble.

2 punnets of Big strawberries (don't add sugar to the strawberries)

60g of unsalted butter

120g of flour

60g of golden castor sugar

A handful of flaked almonds

preheat your oven to 160dgs

Washed these beauties..

Cut strawberries in half and placed in a ovenproof dish.

You can pop the flour, butter and golden castor sugar into your food processor (I did) or mix it by hand in a bowl. It should resemble breadcrumbs. Then cover the strawberries with the crumble. Then add the flaked almonds on top, as many as you like, as you can see I like a lot of almonds.

Bake for 30mins or until golden brown.

Serve with whipped cream or ice cream.

This is really quick and simple and adds a little summer to an otherwise cold winter day.

It's also a great compliment to a strong black coffee.



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