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Some Basic Curtain Calls

We in the Interior Design Industry (I typed that in a very posh accent) very rarely refer to curtains, we always say 'Window Treatments' because that is what we're doing. Applying different treatments and dressings to windows.

Over the years I've learned that taste is subjective. My clients styles have varied greatly but there are some very basic rules everyone needs to follow.

At the risk of repeating myself, well I will because it's my blog, I must stress that your room needs to work for you before you decide on what style of treatment you'll eventually choose. Just a couple of questions you need to ask yourself before you start.

1. Do you need block out a draught.

2. What's the view like from the window.

3. Do you need privacy in the room.

4. How big or small are the windows.

5. How high are the ceilings.

Designer Tip;

If you particularly like silk, and it is a beautiful fabric, you'll need to interline(tech talk for double lining) the curtains. I would strongly suggest using man made silk as real silk will disintegrate in a couple of years.

Now moving on..

Small window Big impact.

If your window is small or off centre you make an impact as well as taking the focus away from the off centre window. Simply by running the main curtain to the ceiling and to each wall.

Simple But Sophisticated Roman Blinds

I love them. They're classic and don't date. They're also very adaptable, for example they can be fitted within the window frame or on the wall. Which means that you can buy ready made to fit almost any window. I always have mine made for clients so we can customise them slightly if we need to by adding black out lining or extra trimming.

Roman Blind mounted on window frame.

Roman Blind mounted on window frame

Roman Blinds with pelmet.

Roman Blinds with palmet.

Elegant Voile

This is another fabric that I use a lot. You can create an impact with or just use it for some privacy.

If you're using voile I would suggest that you always purchase voile that is weighted. All this means is there is some weights in the hem to keep it in place.

It seems like rather a lot of voile but it provides the client with some privacy. A strip of led lights have been fitted to top of the voile so when it's dark it creates a very tranquil illusion.

A very simple wooden pole and some ready made curtains. Simple yet effective.

A metal Pole with some bespoke curtains. Check with your curtain supplier about the cost of having bespoke curtains. They're not always as expensive as you may think.

A bay window dressed with edged voile.

Last tip of the day. When you're deciding on which fabric to use on the window treatments gather up all the other fabrics that will be or are already in the room and make sure everything gels together.

I tend to go for a window treatments that are fairly neutral but I'm always guided by my clients likes and dislikes.

Now my lovelies I hope this was of some help to you.

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