Some Basic Curtain Calls

We in the Interior Design Industry (I typed that in a very posh accent) very rarely refer to curtains, we always say 'Window Treatments' because that is what we're doing. Applying different treatments and dressings to windows.

Over the years I've learned that taste is subjective. My clients styles have varied greatly but there are some very basic rules everyone needs to follow.

At the risk of repeating myself, well I will because it's my blog, I must stress that your room needs to work for you before you decide on what style of treatment you'll eventually choose. Just a couple of questions you need to ask yourself before you start.

1. Do you need block out a draught.

2. What's the view like from the window.

3. Do you need privacy in the room.

4. How big or small are the windows.

5. How high are the ceilings.

Designer Tip;

If you particularly like silk, and it is a beautiful fabric, you'll need to interline(tech talk for double lining) the curtains. I would strongly suggest using man made silk as real silk will disintegrate in a couple of years.

Now moving on..

Small window Big impact.

If your window is small or off centre you make an impact as well as taking the focus away from the off centre window. Simply by running the main curtain to the ceiling and to each wall.

Simple But Sophisticated Roman Blinds

I love them. They're