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6 Tricks to freshen up your home

So it's still winter but now that Christmas is finally behind us we're looking forward to the arrival of spring. I know I am.

So today I'm sharing some advice just to freshen up your home.

1. Clean your windows. No matter how grey the day is outside I promise looking out through a clean window makes it feel brighter. It's also a really good work out.

2. Fresh Flowers. Yep I know I'm stating the obvious but flowers bring any room to life. I'm always in M&S buying flowers. I have them all over the house. But here's a little tip buy orchids, they last for weeks and weeks with very little maintenance.

3. Move your pictures or artwork. If you leave them in the same place you won't even notice them. Trust me when you move everyone will notice not just you and it'll change entire look and feel of the room.

4. New Bed Linen. There is nothing nicer or fresher than new bed linen. I always buy white or off white. Colour can be added with throws and cushions. But white bed linen will never date.

5. Airing cupboard. Here's a little trick just to freshen up your airing cupboard. A scented candle. Please don't light it in your cupboard. If you just leave it there it will create a lovely scent among your linens.

6. Dust off your lampshades and bulbs. Use one of those micro cloths to dust them. It'll make the room brighter and cleaner.

Must get on and do this myself.


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