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A little winter warmth.

My new years resolution was to be a little heathier. I may actually have failed. This afternoon I took to the hot chocolate. I needed a little winter warmth so I indulged. I'm also not one for making a big production when things can be done simply.

Sunday Afternoon Hot Chocolate

1 Mug of full fat milk

2 Tea spoons of instant chocolate

A handful of tiny marshmallows

A tea spoon of Nutella (optional)

Whipped cream

Pour milk into mug

Heat in Microwave approx. 1 min 30sec depending on microwave.

Add Hot Chocolate powder

Stir in teaspoon of Nutella (optional)

Load cream on top

Then top with tiny marshmallows

Finished marshmallows all by myself. If anyone is looking for me I'm now draped on the sofa in a chocolate coma.

Enjoy my lovelies..


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