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Not so Blue January

I tend to ease myself into the year, to be fair I don't get very busy until February so I can afford to ease into it. Actually by the time I've finished the Christmas clean up and seeing to the house it's almost February anyway.

There are several projects that I'm very much looking forward to in 2017 and I am also looking forward to sharing some of them with you. I promised I'd share some past work with you while also giving you some hints and tips that I use.

I thought seeing as it's January we'd start with halls and entranceways. First impressions count, trust me they do. Not everyone considers a hallway a room. It is, a busy room with several functions. Not only is it where we greet people it's also a place where coats are dropped off, sports kits are left abandoned and it's the room where people get their first impression of your home and you.

Tips to add some life to any hallway.

1. If your hallway is small and narrow then paint it a light colour.

2. Add Mirrors, sounds obvious but it'll double the size of any room.

3. If your hallway is small avoid too much furniture, a radiator cover or a console table only if you have room.

4. If it's very narrow you could use flooring to create the illusion it's wider by placing the carpet or wooden flooring in a diagonal pattern.

5. If you're lucky enough to have a larger hall you can add some furniture. This very simple built in unit adds lot of character to this hall as well as storage.

I hope some of these have given you some inspiration. I've designed numerous halls over the years and they'll be popping up here from time to time.


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