November 23, 2017

Restroom options, or downstairs loos as we like to call them here in Ireland. They tend to be very small, but as you know with a little imagination, the downstairs loo can woo. Yeah I know I could be a poet. 

At the moment wall paper is big in this particular area and why not wall paper can add instant drama and cover up a multitude of  blandness. 

So let me show you some of the smallest rooms around but some of the boldest.

Next week I'm doing some video blogs or vlogs with some ideas for simple but classic Christmas decorating. See ya then.


October 19, 2017

I'm one of those people who it seems are always envious of other peoples homes. I can appreciate the love that people put into their homes. I also understand that taste is subjective and I must confess that my taste is of a more traditional style. 

Although in the past have designed some very minimalist homes and they have been beautiful and clients have been very happy with their homes. For me, in my 1930's home I like a more traditional style. 

I came across this during the week it's a cottage, well a large cottage in the Cotswolds and I fell in  love w...

September 21, 2017

I'm regularly asked by people for tips on colour and how to arrange furniture. So I put together a little online course that gives you the basics in Interior Design.

Room layouts, how to use colour, how to change the mood of any room with well planned lighting. 

Just hit on the button to download .. It's free.. 

But you will have to listen to me talking, not sure that's an advantage. 


August 30, 2017

So September is all but upon us. Children have headed back to school and college and just for a short time we have some alone time. I used to dread them going back to school but after a few days of school I  appreciated the fact I could sit in a coffee shop alone.

September for me is a time to tidy up, paint some walls and for some unknown reason buy new bedlinen and towels. Every year it's the same routine, and I love it. 

As I design more bathrooms than anything else I feel come September it's time to spend some time pampering oneself in your very own s...

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