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Owner of her own Dublin based interior design firm

Denise's story begins in London where she grew up as an aspiring painter. She then moved to Ireland where she started a family and her studies of interior design. 

Her qualification in interior design was achieved through the Dublin Institute of Design as part of their design program in association with Rhodec International.

Denise has 20+ years of experience in the industry, She has made guest appearances on Irish TV, written for design magazines and articles for newspapers. She has appeared as a guest speaker on design panels at trade shows as well. Denise is also the author of many interior design books. All of these different experiences across the industry make Denise the incredible designer she is today. 

But now her attention has turned to the digital side of design. She has designed online courses in order to help those who want to redesign their own home/space but simply do not know how or where to start. Denise also offers online consultations for those who want a professional touch. She still also offers on-site consultations to those living in Dublin.

For more information about these offers head over to our SHOP.

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